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Biological membranes form the barriers which separate inside from outside in biological systems. They consist of a bilayer, built up of many different lipids, in which proteins are embedded. These proteins are responsible for many specific functions of membranes. Interactions between proteins and lipids are of key essence for membrane biogenesis, membrane organization and membrane function, but they are also major factors in the mode of action of polypeptide toxins, antibiotics and amyloid forming proteins.

Membranes are at the heart of the research within MBB. Through our research we aim to improve our fundamental understanding of membrane organization and function. Directly related to this, we aim to understand molecular processes underlying membrane-related diseases, we investigate the modes of action of drugs, and we are trying to find new ways to discover and design more effective antibiotics.

In our research we use a range of systems and approaches. The systems vary from self-assembled synthetic model membranes to bacterial cells, yeast and other eukaryotic cells. The approaches vary from cell biological methods to (bio)chemical and biophysical techniques.
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Recent & Upcoming Events

September 1st 2020, Tessa Sinnige has started at MBB as Assistant Professor.
Tessa studies protein aggregation using C. elegans as a model organism.
Welcome Tessa!

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Three vacancies are avaliable at the Sinnige lab for the C. elegans project:
Vacancy for Analist (in Dutch)
Two vacancies for PhD candidate (in English)


Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics is part of the Department of Chemistry of Utrecht University, The Netherlands. It is part of both the Institute of Biomembranes and the Bijvoet Center

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