Toon de Kroon received his PhD cum laude (1991) at Utrecht University. After post-doctoral research with Harden McConnell at Stanford University funded by an NWO-stipend, he returned to Utrecht University and joined the Department of Chemistry as faculty member in 1995. His research focuses on lipid-protein interactions and their functions in cell biology, and on the regulation of membrane lipid homeostasis. In flanking application-oriented research, his group developed nanoparticulate lipid formulations of platinum anticancer drugs for use as drug delivery systems. He received an NWO “Jonge Chemici” fellowship, has participated in EU-Networks, and (co-)authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications.

Selected Publications

De Kroon, A.I., Rijken, P.J., and De Smet, C.H. (2013) Prog Lipid Res. 52, 374-394. Checks and balances in membrane phospholipid class and acyl chain homeostasis, the yeast perspective.

De Smet, C.H., Vittone, E., Scherer, M., Houweling, M., Liebisch, G., Brouwers, J.F., and de Kroon, A.I. (2012) Mol. Biol. Cell 23, 1146-1156. The yeast acyltransferase Sct1p regulates fatty acid desaturation by competing with the desaturase Ole1p. Hamelers, I.H., Staffhorst, R.W., Voortman, J., de Kruijff, B., Reedijk. J., van Bergen en Henegouwen, P.M., and de Kroon, A.I. (2009) Clin. Cancer Res.15, 1259-1268. High cytotoxicity of cisplatin nanocapsules in ovarian carcinoma cells depends on uptake by caveolae-mediated endocytosis.

Gubbens, J., Ruijter, E., de Fays, L.E., Damen, J.M., de Kruijff, B., Slijper, M., Rijkers, D.T., Liskamp, R.M., and de Kroon, A.I. (2009) Chem. & Biol. 16, 3-14. Photocrosslinking and click chemistry enable the specific detection of proteins interacting with phospholipids at the membrane interface.

Boumann, H.A., Gubbens, J, Koorengevel, M.C., Oh, C.-S., Martin, C.E., Heck,.A.J., Patton-Vogt, J., Henry, S.A., de Kruijff, B., and de Kroon, A.I. (2006) Mol. Biol. Cell 17, 1006-1017. Depletion of phosphatidylcholine in yeast induces shortening and increased saturation of the lipid acyl chains. Evidence for regulation of intrinsic membrane curvature in a eukaryote.

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