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Biological membranes form the barriers which separate inside from outside in biological systems. They consist of a bilayer, built up of many different lipids, in which proteins are embedded. These proteins are responsible for many specific functions of membranes. Interactions between these proteins and lipids are of key essence for membrane biogenesis, membrane organization and membrane function, but they are also major factors in the mode of action of polypeptide toxins, antibiotics and amyloid forming proteins. Research within MBB is focused on these membranes in the hope that more insights will give us a better understanding of membrane related diseases and will allow us to create new ways for more effective drugs.

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Recent & Upcoming Events

New interdisciplinary research program on non-thermal plasmas. The strategic Alliance between Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht has funded a multidisciplinary research program involving the generation and application of non-thermal plasmas to combat bacterial infections and cancer. Within MBB the molecular mechanisms underlying the bactericidal and tumoricidal activity of cold atmospheric plasmas will be investigated with a special focus on the role of membranes.

Eefjan Breukink received a NWO-ECHO grant together with NMR colleague Markus Weingarth to study the “high resolution structures of novel antibiotics in their natural environment in order to overcome antibacterial resistance”. They will study the mode of action of novel antibiotics in their natural environment: the bacterial target membrane.

Mike Renne was awarded a FEBS Summer Fellowship, which he will use to visit the lab of Dr. Christer Ejsing at the University of Southern Denmark. Mike will be trained in high resolution mass spectrometry techniques and data processing for lipidomics and work on a collaborative project to quantify the fluxes through PE and PC lipid biosynthetic pathways in yeast.


Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics is part of the Department of Chemistry of Utrecht University, The Netherlands. It is part of both the Institute of Biomembranes and the Bijvoet Center

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