Curriculum of Maarten Egmond

Maarten Egmond

Prof. Dr. Maarten R. Egmond
Kruyt Building, Room N-608,
Padualaan 8,
3584 CH Utrecht,
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-(0)30-253 3526

Maarten Egmond studied chemistry at Utrecht University and graduated in 1973 focusing on mechanistic studies of enzymatic lipid peroxidation by lipoxygenase (promotor prof. dr JanBoldingh).These studies were continued, first as an EMBO fellow in Rome (Italy @ prof Paolo Fasella) and subsequently as a research scientist at the Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory of ENI (Monterotondo, Italy) focusing on enzyme kinetics. From 1976 he acquired skills in NMR spectroscopy at the University of Oxford (@ prof dr Bob Williams) as a Ramsay Memorial Research fellow and continued NMR studies on enzymes (phospholipase A2) from 1979 until 1982 . He continued his research on enzymes at the Unilever Research Laboratory in The Netherlands, and as a senior scientist from 1994 until 2002. Main topic was protein engineering of proteases and lipases. From 1995 he was appointed as part-time professor in Applied Enzymology at Utrecht University and subsequently headed the research group Enzymology and Protein Engineering until 2002.This group was merged with the group of prof dr Gerrit van Meer and was renamed Membrane Enzymology. Until his retirement in 2011 Maarten Egmond remained staff member of this group.


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