Our research is focused on the molecular mechanisms behind life processes that involve biological membranes.
We aim to unravel molecular mechanisms underlying membrane assembly, organization, homeostasis and function with special emphasis on the lipid-protein interactions involved. Our research will help to improve fundamental understanding of membrane function thereby leading to better insights in membrane-related diseases like diabetes, Alzheimers disease and Barth syndrome. In addition it will allow us to develop novel and more effective drugs.

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Recent & Upcoming Events

We still have space left for students in the FEBS-EMBO Corsica Membrane Course, which will be held from June 12th to June 21st 2017 in Cargèse. The course will offer you a great blend of superb scientific lectures and open air poster sessions. You can find further details at this webpage .

Jonas Dörr succesfully defended his thesis on Wednesday March 22nd 2017. His thesis is titled: `Membrane solubllization by styrene-maleic acid copolymers: towards new applications in membrane protein research.`

Kees van Walree did some research for the Dutch television program Radar about the placebo effect of `irradiated water` that bio energetic therapists sell to their clients. Video from minute 12:37.


Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics is part of the Department of Chemistry of Utrecht University, The Netherlands. It is part of both the Institute of Biomembranes and the Bijvoet Center

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to participate in our research. Please visit the specific PI or contact our secretary to help you on your way.

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